Culture Trip to Paris

Paris, the city of lights, one of the most cultural place on this planet and a proud contender to be one of the most romantic city as well. As we live not too far from it, we have taken a chance to visit the French capital and enjoy it, just the two of us. Well, we had to pass by Gallery Lafayette of course as this was the last week-end of sales; but then we went to the very nice Opera Garnier to seeĀ  Giulio Cesare. We went there more for the place than for the play and only stayed for the first act. For your information it’s 3 acts play lasting around 4 hours and for us, the contemporary setting did not fit with the context of the story.

After looking for almost an hour for a place to park the car, that is also part the Paris city life, we spent a good restful night at the hotel that I had found online. We had typical french break-fast the next day in a cafe not too far from where we stayed, with bread and croissants that you can only find in France.

The rest of the day we spent in Louvre where we where surrounded by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek artifacts. A little trip to the other side of the building gave us a chance to peek at the Mona Lisa, always very popular, and finish by exploring what remains of Napoleon III apartments. Overall, a very nice week end.