Hello curious one! If you are reading this, you’ve probably decided to know a bit more about me or this blog or you just stumbled on this page and will soon leave… but if you decide to stick around (are you that bored!!!) I will give you a bit of information about me then about the blog and conclude with what the future holds.

Me, Myself and I:

So who am I? Well the description that my sweet girlfriend usually uses for me is a “Little French Guy”. I’m a citizen of a little country known for its beer, chocolate and European struggles. You probably heard about it, its name is Belgium. I spend most of my childhood here but graduated from university in England. I currently work in the financial sector but it’s not the aim of this website to talk about this; if you want to know more about my “professional path” you might just have to look me up on linked in.

The Blog’s purpose in life:

To briefly explain the meaning of the title and how it came to be you have to know a few things. 0blivion is one of the nicknames that I used for the past few years. As usual I was looking for a nickname that was not taken and picked one from one of the books that were on my bookshelf; the player’s manual for the role-playing game “Wraith: The Oblivion” by White Wolf Game Studios. The name seemed to be roughly always available by replacing the initial letter O with the number 0. Since the number is also sometimes pronounced “o” in English and as there is an obvious link between the word and the number I thought it was a good idea and it stuck. When I had to find a name for my personal web site I thought about it and checked if the domain was available. The dot com was taken but the dot org was free. As you can see there is no black dark and depressing meaning to it.

Up, Up and Away:

There is no real plan for the future of this blog, I’ve switched from one application to another (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla) and finally settled for WordPress for to its simplicity and broad community. The idea is to continue to write whatever I feel like writing and have a place to publish all those photos that I’m taking and whish to share with my friend and family. So it will continue to grow and grow until it probably explodes, but then I’ll just change provider ;-)

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