Route 66

Starting as a suggestion watching an episode of Supernatural, we decided to visit the new continent and experience what is commonly called a “road trip”. The idea was to have a chance to experience the USA inside out, seeing it, tasting it, hearing it and all that on the road. The only road that I could thing off was the old Route 66, which has been removed from the highway system in 1985 but remains a classic in pop culture.

The organization was simple, find a description of the trip from Los Angeles to Chicago that could be done in 2 weeks, buy the ticket arriving in LA and leaving from Chicago, book a room for the first night with the address for the visa waiver paper and hire a car that has all the comfort for the +/- 3900km journey ahead.

We were set a week before the trip and what a trip it has been, from the beaches of Los Angeles, passing by Las Vegas, seeing the grand Canyon, the petrified forest, the great plains of Oklahoma, the ranches of Texas, the immense arch of St Louis, and the wonderful architecture of Chicago.  Not to mention the food we experienced, the Motels we stayed in and the people we met on the road.

We have memories to last a lifetime, and stories to tell. My sweetheart has kept a journal of the whole experience and it will be posted soon for all to read. In the meantime, experience the pictures!!