I have survived… so far ;-)

And there it is, another full year has passed since the last time I celebrated my birthday. I must say that it becomes a habit to have party on this occasion. This time it was at our place, BBQ on a very sunny day with friends and family around.

What else would you want on that particular day? Ha yes, a cake! And not the one promised in “Portal” but a real tasty one. Well, we went to De Baere this time to get something nice that would be appreciated by everybody, not a monument of chocolate for once, but something more fruity; in this instance, strawberries. I must say that it was a great cake even if a bit heavy for this weather…


I have to thank you all, I had a brilliant time and it was wonderful to see you on this day. You’re all already invited to the next one in a year time, even if we have not set the date yet ;-)