An opportunity to make money is not something that you want to watch pass by even if you know that there is a very slight chance that it will fall on your lap. The best way is to be able to gain some by doing a as less as possible. Some manage by investing on financial market but under the current circumstances I have to say that it is not exactly the most attractive one. So even if I am not going to give up on that one, I also looked at other options.

On one hand I always thought that adverts on web site were taking away from the sleek design that the web designer was trying to achieve. But on the other, a few bucks more in your pocket on the odd possibility that some visitors will actually visit those adverts is something that sounds appealing as well. So I looked at the possible option and looked at the least intrusive of all that’s provided by Google. I know I sound like I am a big fan of that company but they are making it so easy for us that I cannot say otherwise.

So here it is, you have now a little banner on the side with some ads that should eventually correspond to the content of the page you are looking at, well at least that’s the theory.