The New Boa Metro

This is the new model of the train that is used in Brussels subway. I must say that it is very modern looking and has some great idea that where most probably picked up from France. The one think that it still missing is an automated driver.


I must admit that regardless of it modern line and the choice of color, the noise is still quite loud but comfort inside and the space available is more than fine.


To give you an idea they went for an American or Japanese arrangement, where you have a single corridor with seats on either side and bars with some sort of little belts hanging from the roof in the center of the corridor.

It’s a very efficient way of using the space and with a single open connection through the whole train it you do not even lose space between the cars. Of course they kept some bus seating arrangement as well in the some cars to create some private space for passenger on long journey.

The other big improvement that has started in the previous model is the introduction of an information screen with the upcoming station, accompanied with a voice announcement of the next station as well as some brief useful information (mainly: train, metro or tram connections). Something that people having traveled in other capitals (London or Paris) may have already experienced but in a city where you have to take at least two languages into account, it is noticeable.

To summarize I am very happy with this new metro and with the new display in each station the underground traveling will soon reach a more modern level on a technical side. If only the same could be said about all the stations…