Building beeing destroyed

For most of you this will have no significance at all, but it is a strange feeling to have to stand next to a building where I used to work, conduct meetings and even eat sometimes.

The decision has been taken tear it down and to replace it with, well I don”t really know but I think just a road to the other side of the building block that was there instead of having a dead end.


Whatever happens we, as in my colleagues and I, have been working in the building next door with all the commotion that are implied in the whole process of taking down a seven floor building. Let just say that some cups and other small items on our desks have had the nasty habit of moving a few milliliters every so often. And I am not even going to recount the number of deep tremors that we felt every day.

Overall I must say that they have done a good work, the building was not only connected to another, it was also surrounded by other buildings which did not leave a lot of space to maneuver the massive crate, boulders and other massive instrument of destruction that those guys are using. Oh yeah one other stuff that will not miss, is the quantity of dusts that landed in and outside our building.

On a final note i have to admit that it was old and ugly; so, good bye and welcome to whatever will come next!