Project Natal

I am not a big fan of Microsoft for various reasons and even more since Bill stepped down and was replace by the biggest corporate dinosaur this company had in its board of directors.

But has I expected, the little time that Mr Gates spend in the R&D department has spilled some nice inventions. Among those is this technology that I would love to see in action very soon :-) | Project Natal

I can inmagine it beeing used in so many places for so many reason. The introduction of this facial and movement recognition system will of course be in direct competition with the previous big hit in the gaming world made by Nintendo with the wii. But this could also bring something new to normal everyday computer. As you may have noticed, nearly all new laptops are equipped with a web-cam nowadays and they could be used for facial recognition or movement detection. Replacing complex mouse movements, or simply to put it in sleep mode when there is no one in front of the screen.